Practice Areas

Business Law

Providing jobs and vital goods and services, small businesses are the lifeblood of America.  Because of this, it is important that small businesses are properly formed and operated so that their owners can continue to thrive and the businesses grow.  Small and growing businesses need more personalized attention from their attorneys as they navigate during economic cycles.   J Curry Law works closely with business owners to understand both the needs and desires for their business so that their visions can become reality.  With our complete level of service, the owner is free to focus on their core business areas. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Company formation
  • Business Plans
  • Contracts and other agreements
  • Negotiation
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • General Counsel Representation
  • Commercial litigation and dispute resolution
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal check-ups for your business documents


During the course of any relationship, disagreements will likely arise.  Sometimes these disagreements become disputes which find their way into the legal system.  Every case is handled distinctly with regard to the specific circumstances of the case, the needs and wishes of the client.  At J Curry Law Group, you will receive a complete evaluation of the merits of your case, including a cost analysis.  In addition, you can rest assured that every case is prepared and handled as if it will eventually be heard in court.  Further, J Curry Law Group deals in pre-litigation strategies and settlement procedures including but not limited to negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Our firm handles civil and commercial litigation involving:

  • Business Improprieties

  • Real Estate
  • Commercial and Contract disputes
  • Consumer Issues.

Consumer Bankruptcy

Sometimes during the course of life, you find yourself in situations with devastating financial repercussions.  Foreclosures, garnishments, repossessions, medical emergencies, or the sudden loss of employment can make it difficult to meet even basic living expenses.  In these moments, filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can offer a way to regain your financial footing.  Though the laws have changed, it is still possible to use these tools to seek debt relief. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, call us for an initial consultation.

Non Profit Representation

Setting up and running a non-profit organization is more than just having a desire to help people. If these organizations are not set up correctly, those seeking to do good could find themselves mired in lawsuits or tax trouble. There is a process to apply for federal tax-exempt status and there are special requirements to setting up a non-profit corporation which vary according to state law. It is just as important to set these entities up correctly and operate within the existing laws as it is for them to meet their desired objectives. Whether it is setting up a non-profit corporation, filing for tax-exempt status, drafting a participant or volunteer handbook, conflict of interest statement or if you simply want legal representation for your non-profit organization, J Curry Law Group can assist you in your endeavors.